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The Department for Work and Payments (DWP) is raising benefit payments next month, including the weekly rate of Universal Credit. This was announced last year by the Government as part of a wider cost of living support package.

What is Universal Credit?

This is a means-tested benefit payment from the DWP which is designed to help those on low income who are looking for work.

Currently, those who are single and under 25 get £265.31 per month in Universal Credit with claimants over 25 getting £334.91.

When someone lives with their partner and they are both under 25, the pair will get a monthly payment of £416.45, with those 25 or over receiving £525.72 over the same period.

Usually, payments go up every year with Universal Credit recipients to get their biggest increase yet.

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How much will payments be next month?

The monthly rate for Universal Credit payments will go up by 10.1 percent as of April 10, 2022

This is in line with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate of inflation for September 2022, which is the same metric being used to determine most other benefit payment hikes.

Once implemented, Universal Credit will be £292.11 and £368.74 a month for those under and over 25, respectively.

Couples who are both under 25 will get £458.51 a month, with a couple over 25 receiving £578.82 for that period of time.


Tom Selby, head of retirement policy at AJ Bell, broke down what Universal Credit recipients can expect to get in the weeks ahead.

He explained: “With inflation ripping through household budgets, pensioners and those in receipt of working-age benefits will at least enjoy a bumper boost to their incomes next year.

“For 2023 pensions and benefits will be uprated by 10.1 percent, in line the September 2022 CPI figure.”

On top of this, those on Universal Credit will also be entitled to additional financial support which will be handed out throughout the year.

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People on Universal Credit will be able to get the cost of living payment reserved for those on means-tested benefits.

Last year, a similar payment scheme was administered to claimants to assist with soaring energy bills and other costs.

The cost of living payment for 2023 has been increased to £900 over the year as the cost of living crisis continues to impact vulnerable homes.

The Government has confirmed that this payment will be administered in three instalments in different parts of the year.

Laura Suter, head of personal finance, pointed out that households on Universal Credit will benefit from a larger payment.

Ms Suter said: “Anyone eligible for the cost of living payments this year will also get a payout next year, with some getting a bigger handout.

“Those on Universal Credit and certain other benefits will receive £900 to help with the cost of living, an increase on 2022’s £650 payment.

Universal Credit payments will be awarded their rate increase by the DWP on April 10, 2023.