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Dr Celine Gounder, an infectious disease specialist and editor-at-large for Public Health at Kaiser Health News, said parents will need to consider a trade-off between the number of shots and risk of side-effects.

Moderna’s vaccine uses a larger dose and has a higher likelihood of inducing fever than Pfizer’s.

“These are not dangerous side effects and they are manageable with medications like acetaminophen,” said Gounder, a former member of President Joe Biden’s COVID transition team.

But some parents may feel like “‘well, even if it’s a three-dose vaccine, it will minimise the risk of fever'”, she said.

Jha said on Twitter on Monday that the rollout for younger children differed from those for other age groups in that there were no mass vaccination sites, but there would be more inoculations done in doctors’ offices.

“Parents are clear they want to vaccinate their littlest ones in familiar settings – doctors offices, pharmacies, health clinics, and children’s hospitals,” he tweeted.

The vaccines began shipping on Friday and Saturday, Jha said, adding that more doctors’ offices and hospitals would begin receiving them on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

Not all pharmacies will offer the shots to everyone in this age group. CVS Health Corp will offer shots for children aged 18 months and up, while Walmart Inc and Rite Aid Corp will offer them to those aged 3 and older.