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WASHINGTON: Republican Kevin McCarthy might have been elected as the new speaker of the United States House of Representatives after a gruelling 15 rounds of voting, but the deep divisions within his party’s ranks are clear.

Mr McCarthy’s victory is unlikely to bring an end to the dysfunction on Capitol Hill.

In order to win, he had to make multiple concessions to around 20 ultra-conservative members of his party, including allowing any single lawmaker to call a snap vote to oust him.


If the GOP’s internal divisions persist and continue to cause chaos, they may hamper the party’s prospects in next year’s presidential race, said observers.

“They have weakened him dramatically. He has a lot less power on controlling legislation, controlling how things passed, controlling what is in legislation,” said Washington Post Live anchor Leigh Ann Caldwell, who focuses on US politics, Congress and the White House. 

“A lot of that is now out of his hands and if he doesn’t meet the demands, especially on government spending and restrictions on government spending made by these people on the far right of the political spectrum, then they have the ability to remove him as speaker.”

That could be dangerous not just for America, but for the world, said observers. 

The demands Mr McCarthy agreed to mean that House Republicans may refuse to raise the amount of money the government can borrow, without extracting major policy concessions that Senate Democrats and President Joe Biden will be loath to agree to. 

This means that the US could default on its loan payments, plunging the world into an unprecedented financial crisis.