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Despite the so-called doomsday plane being grounded 23 years ago, the plane, which is now a modern incarnation of the Boeing 707, remains on red alert, forever prepared to jet off from its base and up into the sky to carry out its lethal errands.

Yet, given current global tensions, which have left many convinced a third world war could erupt as a result of Moscow’s bloody battle with Ukraine, the prospect of Operation Looking Glass taking to the skies again has been muted.

Among those to call for the plane to make a comeback is former US government whistleblower, and accident investigator, Dr Alan Diehl, who told that it would make sense “for the US to increase the readiness” of programmes like Operation Looking Glass and its Nightwatch scheme.

Nightwatch, a Boeing E-4 Advanced Airborne Command Post, is described as the strategic command and control aircraft which is noted as the “survivable mobile command post” for the US President, the Secretary of Defense and their successors, in the event of a world-changing occurrence.

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