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Senior figures in Washington fear the US is the victim of a Russian fake news campaign amid allegations the Biden administration was responsible for blowing up the Nord Stream 2 gas line. The claim was repeated by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson but a senior diplomatic source in Washington DC told embassies were making discreet inquiries with the US government because they believed the allegations could be true.

Explaining why there were doubts over claims Vladimir Putin had ordered the attack on the gas line, one diplomat said: “Nation states do not blow up their own infrastructure.  They attack other nations’ infrastructure.

“The Biden administration is going to get us into WW3. The environmental destruction alone is outrageous!”

Meanwhile, Polish politicians have publicly thanked Joe Biden for the attack.

Polish MEP Radek Sikorski tweeted a picture of the pipeline belching out liquid gas into the sea with the message “thank you USA”.

But even Republicans in Congress have been alarmed by the claims suggesting those putting them out are aiding Putin’s propaganda machine.

A Congressional Republican source said: “Tucker’s broadcast and the subsequent claims have played right into Putin’s hands.

“The Russian propaganda machine has been repeating it.”

The allegation is based on President Biden claiming the US could take out Nord Stream 2 in February this year.

The release of liquid gas into the sea is believed to be causing an environmental disaster.

Security and energy experts pointed out Putin had nothing to lose with the explosion because European Union countries had cancelled the project as a result of the Ukraine invasion.

Admiral Mike Hewitt, an energy security expert, told “Russia understands and has used energy as a geopolitical tool. The sabotage of the NS pipelines aligns with Putin’s strategy. The US is a good information operations target to blame and offer that the US is creating the latest energy crisis.

“I don’t buy into the conspiracy theory.”

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