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Wrexham defender Ben Tozer has hit back at Billy Sharp after the Sheffield United captain allegedly told the National League side to “stick that on their documentary” after their 3-1 FA Cup replay defeat at Bramall Lane. Veteran striker Sharp was on target for the Blades, who narrowly got the better of the Welsh outfit in the closing stages of yet another pulsating tie following the 3-3 draw at the Racehorse Ground in late January.

But despite the game being played in great spirit, Sharp took issue with the Wrexham players after the match and in his own words “lost his head” during his post-match interview.

The 37-year-old went on the attack as he slated Wrexham’s alleged lack of sportsmanship as he accused them of overlooking the Championship play-off contenders ahead of a potential fifth-round matchup with Tottenham.

Wrexham strongly deny the accusations and given there is little trace of evidence, centre-back Tozer jumped at the chance to defend his colleagues during a separate post-match press conference.

“I feel like a bit of a dampener has been put on the game with the way they’ve acted in the tunnel, if I’m being honest with you,” said Tozer, who shed light on Sharp’s antics in the tunnel after the contest.

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“It’s just a shame really that that’s the way it ended.

“Apparently they were tweeting tickets for the Tottenham game before this game was played, and you had people like Oli McBurnie I believe in the press saying stuff.

“I don’t believe any of our lads have said anything disrespectful, we certainly approached the game properly but if that’s the way they want to be then that’s the way they want to be.”

Sharp had also claimed that the referee had been “helping them [Wrexham] out” all night, comments that could land him in hot water.

Wrexham boss Phil Parkinson was surprised and disappointed by the actions of Sharp when all was said and done as he accused the Blades skipper of crossing the line.

“I am a bit disappointed with Billy to be honest with you, some of the things he was shouting down the tunnel at the end,” Parkinson said.

“Well done Bill, you’re a fantastic player, but I thought he was disrespectful after the game. I think the way the players celebrated and the crowd and staff was just a mark of how tough we made it for them and they were relieved to get through.

“The message to Billy is: You’re better than that, you really are. My players are humble people and a great credit to the football club.”